Samara Chopra

Samara is a trained yoga therapist and specializes in one-on-one practice in order to best address the unique needs of students, to better understand and cope with illness and to facilitate healing on all levels.

Trained under Yoga Vahini founder - Saraswathi Vasudevan, from the Krishnamacharya tradition - Samara’s understanding and practice of yoga is rooted in Patanjali’s yoga sutras. It is through the application of the yoga sutras and Buddhist philosophy that she endeavors to empower her students to take responsibility for their lives, to address the root cause of their suffering and to focus on internal transformation.

In the past she has worked extensively with the channel NDTV Good Times (NDTV Lifestyle), where she has hosted several seasons of shows on yoga and alternate therapies. Amongst other things Samara is also an actor, television anchor and a singer. She has also worked with children with learning disabilities.

Samara teaches out of New Delhi, India and organizes yoga retreats.

A few links to Samara’s TV shows :

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